How to make alcohol ink for tumblers

Some recent projects called for Alcohol Ink techniques, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to share them with you! Alcohol Inks can permanently alter the color of non-porous surfaceswhich makes them a perfect match for projects using:. Wear a pair of protective gloves or have fun explaining your colorful fingertips for the next three DAYS! Here, we have a sheet of regular glossy photo paperprinted with a standard Ink Jet printer. Source Image: Vintage Butterfly.

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Dab dots of harmonious ink colors onto a clean felt applicator, then add a touch of Blending Solution:. Pounce the ink onto the surface of the paper, creating a multicolored blend :.

Using a fresh felt applicator, select a second group of colors for the opposite pair of wings:. When dry, fussy cut the butterfly images from the paper, and decoupage onto your project. For a bit of the unexpecteduse drops of Isopropyl Alcohol and a drinking straw to create interesting shapes. Note: any transparent substrate will look more interesting from the opposite side, so that you are gazing through the material to the inked surface.

Ceramic tiles are wonderful for experimenting with various color blends. A rich mixture of blues and greenswith the original crackle glaze peeking through :. This is a foil-topped lid from a take-out container.

A few drops of alcohol create a constellation of bright points in a sea of indigo and purple:. Here are a few examples of how these wonderful pieces can be incorporated into your projects. The same journal cover, but now, an additional rectangle of inked acetate has been layered over the first. Our ceramic tile has now become the base for a contemplative face, surrounded by heat embossed motifs and micro beads. The Butterfly has been decoupaged to the back cover of the journal, and embellished with Rhinestones and touches of paint:.

Ink the slidesheat emboss the other side of the glass, then embellish with Dresden Trim. Adhere into the slots using Glossy Accents. Black, Espresso and Rust Alcohol Inks blended with a touch of Gold Mixative create a rich, almost tortoiseshell effect:. Inked Acetate ink side down used as window glass in an Art Journal Page :. Two microscope slides placed inked sides togetherthen solderedmake a lovely, but simple pendant:.

Wood Grain Tumbler Tutorial: Video Tutorial from Start to Finish!

It was a real pleasure to play with them again, and to share the results with you! Thank you for visiting The Graphics Fairy today! That is TOO funny, Karen! Thanks for the giggle. What FUN! Thanks for expanding my world…you are appreciated!! What you create is absolutely magic, love effects you get with ink. Thank you for sharing these, exposing us to possibilities.

Have had alcohol inks for years, never used them but this tutorial has changed my mind, given me curiosity, wanting to experiment, so exciting. Will you be showing us more in future? Have I missed a previous tutorial of techniques?

Happy weekend. Hi Jane Ellen! Alcohol Inks are so versatile, and so darn useful that they find their way into many of my projects…I have no doubt that they will make further appearances as we continue to explore and play!Everything you need to know to make alcohol ink art. This easy fired alcohol ink art turns out beautiful and takes no artistic talent whatsoever. Click here for more easy art projects for kids. With only a few supplies and in only a few minutes you and I!

Drop alcohol inks onto the glass, then add rubbing alcohol. Swirl to combine, then light the alcohol on fire. Once the fire has burned out, you can back the glass with white paper and place it into your frame for instant DIY art. Think it must be more complicated? Just watch the video:. As you can see from the video, you are lighting the alcohol on fire.

If you want to do this project with kids, make sure an adult is supervising and please use caution. We found it was easiest to protect the table with a plastic tablecloth, then let kids drop ink and alcohol on the glass wherever they were seated. Once the glass was ready to be fired, we moved it to a foil-covered cookie sheet in the center of the table, away from the alcohol and other children.

Then an older child or adult used a lighter to light the alcohol. If someone has dumped a lot of alcohol on the glass the flame may be tall, so use caution. Want more fired alcohol ink art fun?

how to make alcohol ink for tumblers

Check out these fired tile coasterswhich use permanent markers instead of alcohol inks:. This is so awesome. I am definitely going to try this. Thanks for posting such awesome art!

Autumn, I love this and I think even I will be able to do this. Thanks for sharing. It is so easy and fun…. Unique art for everyone!

Custom Tumblers DIY Video Tutorial Using Alcohol Inks!

I love doing art projects with the family. I am planning on doing this one of the first few weeks of summer break. Also, thank you for letting us know where to purchase the ink. Thanks for this great technique, will definitely give it a try with my great nieces when they visit.

Always looking for new stuff to do with them. Will have to investigate our UK craft shops for the inks. So easy and inexpensive…. I am interested in the fired ink art. Thank you. Wow, these look really pretty. This year has not been kind to our budget so I have been on the lookout for inexspensive DIY gifts for Christmas.

I have some alcohol inks I bought for decorating gourds so I am ahead of the game. Thank you so much for sharing such a unique and striking project. You may have saved my Christmas. These are so cool! I did this craft with older scouts, and it was fantastic!Using alcohol inks can be a fun way to use colors and create backgrounds for stamping or card making.

You can also use alcohol inks in painting and to add color to different surfaces such as glass and metals. The brightness of the color means that a small bottle will go a long way.

Mixing colors can create a vibrant marbled effect and the possibilities can only be limited by what you are willing to try. Read below to learn what supplies you will need for crafting with alcohol inks and other useful hints regarding these vibrant colors and mediums. Alcohol inks come in a wide range of colors and pigments.

Sold in. The three inks pictured below are in the " Ranger Miner's Lantern " kit and has different earth tones to work with. These inks need to be shaken well before use and should be used sparingly as they can overwhelm a project. This solution can be used to both enhance your project as well as clean up when you're done. Using this product will clean alcohol ink off of slick surfaces, hands, and tools.

The type of project you are making is going to make a difference in what application you are using. This tool allows the user to mix different colors of inks and apply them to the surface without the mess.

You can also use gloves and use your fingers to apply a specific color to your project. Here's an example of a makeshift felt applicator that was made out of felt, binder clipsand tape. These alcohol ink markers are double-ended providing a broad chisel nib for larger areas and a fine bullet tip for detail work. The pens are refillable and the nibs replaceable. The refillable, ergonomic Spectrum Noir Color Blending Pen enables the blending of alcohol ink colors.

DOLLAR STORE alcohol inks!!!

To apply alcohol ink you can also use gloves and use your fingers to apply a specific color to your project. When using alcohol inks the surface you are using should be non-porous. The reason alcohol inks do not do well with porous materials is that they will soak in and begin to fade.

Use thin coats of the sealer to make sure your project is coated, but make sure the layers are thin so that the sealer does not drip or run. There are many techniques to experiment with when using alcohol inks.

Techniques range from directly applying the alcohol ink to your project to using a marker to get a more precise application.

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If you are just starting with alcohol inks here are a couple of techniques we recommend trying:. Use your felt applicator to get a marbled effect on your pattern and create a background. This can later be made more precise and specific by applying alcohol blending solution and adding alcohol ink directly to your project. At any point, to blend colors together, you can use your applicator tool.

Or, start with applying your dye directly onto the surface you are using. This gives you more control of where colors are going and how much of each color will be shown. Use your applicator tip to blend the colors and cover the surface you are using. These are just two of the many techniques you can use when applying alcohol ink. Some other methods could include putting alcohol ink on your slick surface and pressing your paper or surface into the ink to create a pattern.

Another technique could be putting the alcohol ink in water and putting your surface through the water to create a different look.

Faux Polished Stone Technique. Put All your Eggs in One Basket.Let's get started! We picked up a Universal Rotisserie at our local hardware store and, with a few easy steps, we mounted it on some scrap pieces of wood. Along one of the 12" sides of your wood base, glue the 12" piece of 2 x 4.

Once the glue has dried, affix the upper grate bracket using the screws and hex nuts included in the kit. Your cup turner should look like this:. Line up the motor's mounting bracket on the outside of the 2 x 4 so that, once inserted, the rod will sit perfectly level.

Slide the electric motor onto the mounting bracket. Attach the collars onto either ends of the spit rod. Insert one end into the electric motor, resting the other end on the far bracket.

Using a level, make sure the rod is perfectly horizontal. Cut an X into one end of the foam football. Insert the pointed end of the spit rod straight through the entire length of the football, then insert into the tumbler, pushing the football and spit rod down to the bottom of the tumbler. Re-attach the spit rod and tumbler back onto the motor and bracket. Now you're ready to create!

how to make alcohol ink for tumblers

Whichever tumbler you choose to use, it's best to look for a double walled or insulated tumbler. The maximum temperature cured ArtResin can come in contact with is F or 50C. A freshly brewed coffee or tea can easily exceed this temperature which may cause the cured resin to soften.

If you're planning on using your tumbler for hot beverages, an insulated tumbler will keep the exterior of the tumbler cool.

For this same reason, it's ideal to choose a tumbler with a plastic lip at the top so that the resin won't have to come into contact with a hot beverage. Epoxy resin adheres very nicely to stainless steel and although it doesn't require a coat of spray paint, you can certainly apply a base coat to compliment your colour palette.I have seen multiple alcohol ink crafts on Pinterest over the past several weeks.

Luckily, I found a recipe for homemade alcohol inks at Dream A Little Bigger and decided to give them a try. These homemade alcohol inks are great for a number of reasons. First of all, it was easy to make. Having the patience to let it marinate was probably the worst part. It also made quite a bit of ink. We made 8 coasters and still had half a bottle of some of the inks left over. Lastly, they are much cheaper than the store bought ones. We made coasters with them this weekend and it was really fun, mostly because you get to light things on fire.

Empty 2oz bottles. Permanent markers. Small knife Exacto or box cutter works well. A pair of disposable gloves these are latex free and powder free. The above supplies are recommendations that I have based on my experience.

This post does contain affiliate links. This means I receive a small commission if you make a purchase. No additional cost to you, of course. You can read the really boring stuff about it here. Keep in mind that the less alcohol you put in your bottles, the more vivid your inks will be. Find the opening of your chosen markers and break them open.

You made need plyers or a handy man. I had the latter. Take the ink wadding out. At this point you are going to use a knife and cut the outer wrapping on the wadding.

how to make alcohol ink for tumblers

Also, make sure you cut the wadding on something, both to keep to surface of your table from scratches and to keep the ink contained. Put the marker wadding down in the bottles, each color going in a different bottle. Let them set for at least a few hours, or overnight.

I shook mine lightly every few hours. Use gloves for this step. Trust me. Check out the alcohol ink coasters I did with the kids. I have only used Sharpie brand permanent markers, so I cannot attest to this personally.Affiliate Disclosure : As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Learn how to make your own custom tumblers with alocohol inks and vinyl decals. Check out this video tutorial on how to make a cute DIY tumbler! Hi Friends!! I am so excited about this post I finally got around to making an alcohol ink tumbler and let me tell you, they are so easy and fun!

I have been making more custom tumblers with this new technique and this might be my favorite one yet I wish I could keep it!! I made a video tutorial for you on how I applied the alcohol inks so you can actually see how easy it is. The fun thing about these is that none of the tumblers will ever come out the same! Totally unique gifts, woohoo! I also have a free Motherhood SVG cut file for you too. First thing I did was to tape off the top of my stainless steel mug and spray paint it white.

You can use any base color, but white really makes the colors pop. For a video tutorial on how I spray paint tumblers click here! Decide on what you want for your base layer. I wanted the teal mermaid color to be most prominent so I started with that one.

Squeeze a little on the wedge and start dabbing. It is much easier to explain this through video! Make sure to watch the video at the top or on the side!

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Once the first layer is dabbed on, do the same thing for the second color. I used Indigo next. You have the option of dabbing in all random areas like I did, or you can put colors in certain areas. Have fun with it! Then I dabbed the cranberry color on, trying to make sure all the white was colored up. The colors will start blending! If you want more color on it, you can always dab on another layer. Once you have the entire tumbler blended, you can do this optional step which I think is the best!

How to make gorgeous fired alcohol ink art {it’s so easy!!}

Put a little bit of the rubbing alcohol in a squirt bottle. Hold it about inches away and squirt it on the mug. Start slowly so you can see what it is doing. Rotate the mug as you continue slowly squirting on the alcohol. This is how my tumbler ended up after I squirted it. That is one thing you have to be mindful of! If you really want it to stay exactly the same way, spray a sealant over it before you apply the epoxy.Affiliate Disclosure : As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Watch a wood grain tumbler tutorial from start to finish. Learn how to spray paint, apply the alcohol inks, decals and epoxy.

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Well, not anymore! They can be so personalized to the person you are giving them too which always puts that beaming smile on their face! Make sure to browse all of my other tutorials on how to make a glitter tumblerhow to make a fabric tumblerhow to apply waterslide pictures to tumblersand how to make an alcohol ink tumbler.

I have a full video tutorial from start to finish before the epoxy section along with some printable instructions at the bottom. I will go over all of this in the video below, but here are the bullet points:.

Place it upside down on a turn table or piece of paper in a well-ventilated area and spray the tumbler until every part is covered. Let the paint fully dry read side of the can on how long it should take. I used all three alcohol inks from the pack I mentioned under the materials.

You could just use one if you want it all the same color as I said every one of these comes out unique! Then using the tips of a bristle brush, I brushed the ink back and forth down the length of the tumbler. There is no right or wrong way of making a wood grain tumbler!

Continue adding different colors of the alcohol inks and brushing them one at a time until the entire tumbler is covered. To make knots, dab a small drop of the ink and let it ripple out in a circle.

Use the brush to gently brush the edges. Add another drop or two in the middle to add a more layered look. One of the best thing about alcohol inks is that they dry very quickly! After about an hour, it is time to seal the tumbler. Spray a clear coat of enamel over the entire tumbler. This will prevent the inks from running together when the epoxy is added. I post a ton of short video tutorials on all sorts of different DIY projects. Click the button below! You can really do either.